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Will the Law Ever Get Jimmy Hoffa?

Published: June 20, 2013

It’s safe to say that Jimmy Hoffa and Bobby Kennedy did not get along. In a 1963 Saturday Evening Post article on Hoffa’s frequent escapes of criminal convictions, writer Homer Bigart tells of the men’s intense rivalry. The author describes the infamous union leader’s deception in the courtroom and the resulting animosity that formed between Hoffa and then-Attorney General Kennedy.

Bigart reports that Hoffa acted as a blameless victim, claiming Kennedy had a personal vendetta against him. Kennedy, on the other hand, felt that the shady Hoffa, who became involved with organized crime while working with the Teamsters union, was a genuine menace to society. “I am not satisfied to see such men as Jimmy Hoffa … still free,” Kennedy said.

Bigart details this personal struggle and more in his fascinating take on the heated battle between Hoffa and the Kennedy-led U.S. legal team.

Read the full article: “Will the Law Ever Get Hoffa?” by Homer Bigart, March 30, 1963

The Teamster Team

The Teamster Team in Nashville: Aide Joseph Konowe, Teamster Counsel William Bufalino, Hoffa, Defense Lawyer James E. Haggerty, Hoffa’s Son Jimmy.

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