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Ray Kurzweil’s Case for Immortality

Published: August 14, 2013

In “The Case for Immortality” from the September/October 2013 issue, Holman W. Jenkins Jr. highlights inventor, scientist, and transhumanist Ray Kurzweil’s plans for digital immortality and the future of humanity. Kurzweil has spoken often on the subject; check out his TED lectures and other related videos below.

Engineering Longer Life

Kurzweil explains how technology will enable us to live much longer.

Immortality Cocktail

Speaking with PBS, Kurzweil discusses the supplements he is taking to extend his life.

How Far to Immortality?

In this video short, Kurzweil explains how quickly he believes we’ll be able to achieve immortality.

How to Create a Mind

Kurzweil’s 2012 TEDx lecture about artificial intelligence and creating a virtual mind—a software representation of a person.

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