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Retire When Ready

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If you think of the step you are taking as retiring to something rather than from something, it will be a positive decision. (Shutterstock)

Until a few years ago, I assumed the only reason I wasn’t thinking of retiring was that I couldn’t afford to. Though I was beyond the normal retirement age, as long as my health was good and I was reasonably content with my job, I never had to think about leaving it. Then I did some calculations and was pleasantly surprised to discover I was in better financial shape than I thought. I would need another reason besides having a regular paycheck to remain in my job, which in my case was teaching philosophy in a university.

We tend to think of money as the primary benefit of work, but it’s far from the only one. Some potential retirees keep working because they enjoy the social interaction. Others like the recognition and respect they receive as an employed person. “They don’t take you as seriously after you’ve retired,” I’ve heard people say.

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