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December 21-27

Post Week in Review:
December 21-27

Published: December 26, 2014

When Do Kids Stop Believing In Santa Claus?

I have a vivid memory of being as old as 11 or 12 and still wondering if there was a Santa Claus. Maybe it was more wishing than actual belief, or maybe I wanted to believe in him because of something specific that was happening in my life that particular December; I don’t know. But I remember Mom telling me that if I wanted to believe in him I should.

Eleven or 12 does seem to be a little on the older side to believe in Santa, and a study by a psychologist at the University of Texas seems to back that up. In fact, kids start to not believe in Santa around the age of 5 or so. By age 9 only 34 percent of kids still believe in the jolly fellow. At the same age, 24 percent still believe in the Easter Bunny.

That seems like a high number, doesn’t it? I never believed in the Easter Bunny. A tall rabbit walking around, talking, wearing clothes, and bringing candy to everybody? Ridiculous. An old, overweight man who delivers toys to every single house in the world in one night on a sleigh guided by flying reindeer? Completely logical. (Hey, at least Santa is human.)

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day to everyone in U.K., Canada, Australia, and other places around the world that celebrate the day. Did you know the day was first celebrated in 1952, when Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Walcott? OK, that’s not true. Actually, no one really knows exactly when Boxing Day — the day when employers give gifts on “Christmas boxes” to their staff and employees — started, but it might go back as far as the Middle Ages.

Boxing Day is also sort of like our Black Friday, where everyone goes shopping because the stores have big sales. In the U.S., today is the day we celebrate the tradition of returning gifts we got yesterday that we don’t want.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Did you know that the tradition of Christmas trees first started in 1952, when Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Walcott? OK, I’ll stop with that joke now and point you to the BBC site, which has a list of things you might not know about the big green thing that’s currently in your living room. Did you know they can be homes for tarantulas?!?

Here’s a gallery of great Christmas tree covers from The Saturday Evening Post.

The Yumbo Is Back!

Burger King sign

Founded in 1953, Burger King is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. (Radu Bercan / Shutterstock.com)

I’m all for fast-food chains and food companies bringing back food they used to sell. I don’t remember the Yumbo though. It was a sandwich that Burger King sold in the ’70s, and I assume the name was a portmanteau of Yum and Jumbo. It had ham, cheese, and lettuce and was served hot on a bun. Seems rather ordinary but according to Burger King execs, customers have been asking for it so much that they’ve brought it back.

I’m impressed that people not only remember a sandwich that was first around during the Nixon administration but they actually got the company to bring it back. Burger King’s Facebook page has some fun posts that are a throwback to the ’70s, and their main site has pictures of the sandwich and nutritional info (if you even care about nutritional info if you’re eating at a fast-food restaurant). However, some fans are saying that it’s not like the old Yumbo at all, because the original came on a round bun and didn’t have mayo.

I don’t eat at fast-food places as much as I used to, but if they’re taking requests on what should come back, I’d like to see the Hamburglar and Grimace in commercials again.

Hey, It’s National Candy Cane Day

Candy Cane Day should have been a week or two ago, when we were buying holiday treats and trimming the tree, but I guess there’s only so many food holidays you can cram into one month, and it has to go somewhere. And the holidays aren’t over yet, right? Here’s a recipe for Homemade Candy Canes from About.com, and here’s one for Candy Cane Marshmallows from Martha Stewart.

Here’s a history of the candy cane from CBS Sunday Morning:

Do You Go Out on New Year’s Eve?

Every year I watch the ball drop in Times Square on television and think the same thought: Why are all of those people out in the cold battling crowds? I haven’t gone out on New Year’s Eve in many years. In fact, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever gone out on New Year’s Eve, unless it was 20 or 30 years ago, so far in the past it has been erased from my mind. For me, New Year’s Eve means staying in, having a few drinks and watching holiday movies. It’s safer (and warmer).

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Happy New Year from everyone at The Saturday Evening Post!

Upcoming Anniversaries

December 29, 1916: James Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” published. Read the entire text for free at Project Gutenberg.

December 30, 1922: The USSR is established.

January 3, 1959: Alaska admitted to the Union. Read a list of when each state was admitted.

January 4, 1900: Ornithologist James Bond born. Ian Fleming used his name for his famous spy.

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