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Memorial Day

Published: May 20, 2015

To many U.S. citizens, Memorial Day unofficially marks the first day of summer — the pool’s open, school’s out, and the barbecue pit is ready. But before firing up the pit or diving into that pool, schedule time this Memorial Day to honor the young men and women of the U.S. military who gave their lives on the world’s battlefields and to pay tribute to those U.S. veterans who are no longer with us.

With this special cover collection, the Post honors those we’ve lost.

Commemorating Memorial Day with these covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  • This is a wonderful selection of covers that are as powerful today as they were new. The Mead Schaeffer covers in particular really give a realistic look at different moments in time during the height of World War II, and what it looked and felt to be on the battlefield or jumping out of a plane to help the other men on the ground.

    Usually the covers of Butch the dog are light and fun, getting into mischief or other predicaments. Not this time. He looks sad, frightened and doesn’t know where his Dad is. The uniform and its scent on that chair or couch are all he has. Hopefully Dad’s okay and may just be out; we don’t know. If he had been killed though, the dog knows and is grieving; no doubt about it, and won’t want to leave that spot.