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Happy Halloween!

Published: October 21, 2015

Long before the Great Pumpkin, Scream Queens, or Marvel Universe costumes, The Saturday Evening Post cover artists were entertaining Americans with the spooky, ghoulish, and adorable tricks and treats of Halloween.

Witches’ Night Out—Eugene Iverd

Duck and cover, trick-or-treaters. This coven flies with an arsenal of bats and jack-o’-lantern-bearing ghouls.

Eugene Iverd October 29, 1927

Eugene Iverd
October 29, 1927

Lighting the Pumpkin—Eugene Iverd

This classic cover captures the joy stemming from the first pumpkin lighting. Our only concern? The flammability of his costume.

Eugene Iverd November 3, 1934

Eugene Iverd
November 3, 1934

Witch’s Mask—Charles Kaiser

“Boo!” No one would ever guess there’s a curly-haired, doe-eyed girl behind the mask.

Charles Kaiser October 31, 1942

Charles Kaiser
October 31, 1942

Witches’ Night Out—J.C. Leyendecker

No need to fear this warty witch—looks like the chilly October air may put an end to her Halloween plans.

J.C. Leyendecker October 27, 1923

J.C. Leyendecker
October 27, 1923

Jester with Pumpkin—E.M. Jackson

A jack-o’-lantern fit for a king—served only on the finest silver platter, of course.

E.M. Jackson October 28, 1922

E.M. Jackson
October 28, 1922

Pumpkin in Wheelbarrow—J.C. Leyendecker

Bringing home the biggest pumpkin seems like a good idea, but the work of slugging it home might prove too much for this orange-cheeked young man.

J.C. Leyendecker November 29, 1913

J.C. Leyendecker
November 29, 1913

Trick-or-Treat—Ellen Pyle

The young lady on this Ellen Pyle cover can’t help but wonder why these two are always clownin’ around.

Ellen Pyle October 25, 1930

Ellen Pyle
October 25, 1930

Tricking Trick-or-Treat—Amos Sewell

There’s always one neighbor who emphasizes the trick in trick-or-treating.

Amos Sewell November 3, 1951

Amos Sewell
November 3, 1951

Trick-or-Treating in the Burbs—John Falter

Halloween lesson no. 1: A bathrobe, baggy sport coat, or pillowcase is suitable costume wear when coupled with a homemade mask.

John Falter November 1, 1958

John Falter
November 1, 1958

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  • Charles Neumann

    Love the covers. My favorite was John Falter’s, could be today except for the car and the fact most outfits today come from stores. Sewell’s was excellent as well. I would be one of the kids running away from that house.

  • Bertha Armstrong

    I always loved the Saturday Evening Post cover pictures, even as a child 80 years ago.

  • Really love these vintage, bewitching Halloween POST covers!

    Eugene’s Iverd’s Witches’ Night Out must have scared more than a few children back in 1927. At least with these witches there aren’t sparks flying from their finger tips. With it’s stunning artwork and colors, it would hardly be necessary.

    The Iverd from 7 years later is completely different, but no less beautiful. Hopefully the boy got his arm out of there quickly after successfully lighting up.

    ‘Witches Mask’ is another beauty. Pretty child selected too, for further contrast.

    ‘Witches Night Out’ is a beautiful Leyendecker featuring a witch with the moon in her eyes, and her cape taking on an interesting shape at the top.

    ‘Jester with Pumpkin’ by E.M. Jackson is one interesting cover featuring a proud jester (with a pumpkin) with it’s head on a platter, but wearing that crown proudly. It has a Leyendecker flavor to it on the right side.

    Hopefully this boy doesn’t have far to go with that wheelbarrow!

    ‘Trick or Treat’ by Ellen Pyle is just beautiful. There may not have been many covers by female artists, but she’s one of the best giving the guys a run for their money. The poses, colors and more are incredible.

    ‘Tricking Trick or Treat’ is just great isn’t it? Unfortunately in today’s climate, the parents would be dialing 911 on their tech devices wouldn’t they, as they freak out?

    ‘Trick or Treating in the Burbs’ by John Falter, is a post-war classic of this ’50s suburban life POST cover era. The car also caught my eye.

    Thank you Jessica for this feature! Between us, about the only saving grace of the new show ‘Scream Queens’ is the always intriguing, brilliantly delightful Jamie Leigh Curtis.