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Vote for Your Favorite Rockwell Caption

Published: May 2, 2016

The U.S. saw Norman Rockwell’s art on The Saturday Evening Post cover for the first time on May 20, 1916 — almost 100 years ago. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, we asked you to write a caption for Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter. Below are the five caption finalists.

To vote, simply type the number of the caption you like best in the comments below. The caption with the most votes will be published in the July/August issue of The Saturday Evening Post!

Voting closes Monday, May 30.

Click on the images below to view all 5 caption finalists:

Rosie the Riveter first appeared on the cover May 29, 1943 and appears on the cover of our latest special collector’s edition which features 70 years of cover illustration from our archive. Learn more about the real Rosie, model Mary Doyle Keefe, here.

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  • linda

    ” I Choose # 2 “

  • Sister Jeanne Kenny


  • Elaine Pemberton

    # 4

  • Debra

    I choose #4

  • Nancy Lee Alger

    My favorite is #5.

  • WEK

    NUMBER 4

  • Bridget


  • wendy lee klenetsky

    I choose #3

  • Donna Graham

    #4 is the most clever caption for the picture.

  • Donna Graham

    #4 is the best match.

  • Janice A. Johnson

    I vote for #4.
    Janice Johnson

  • frederick casucci

    #3 says it all about women’s contribution to the war effort.

  • Leonard Meyer

    Number 2

  • Charlene Canedy

    #2 True American Idol.

  • Susan Tanguay


  • Robert Rainwater


  • diane p.

    Definitely #4!!

  • Louise

    I like #2

  • Galen Caban

    She does have a rivet machine to compliment her personality.

  • Galen Caban

    She does have a rivet driver to compliment her personalityl.

  • Roberta


  • beatrice

    # 3

  • Wellington Jones

    #4 is spot on!

  • Phyllis J Shelton


  • Phyllis J Shelton

    Number Two

  • Dorothy Gates


  • Cindy


  • Celtic Flower

    Number 2 – Short and Sweet!!!

  • Edmund Miles

    #2 Short and it hits the nail on the head!!!!

  • Pamela J Vogel

    My choice is #2.

  • Judy


  • Jill Brooks


  • terry

    …Number 2 far and away.

  • Mary Haven


  • I vote for # 4 The army of women, was a big part of us winning the war.

  • Rosie V

    # 4 very true-they got their strength through a few rations and lost of prayers.

  • Patricia

    Number 5 It made me laugh.

  • Roger

    Number 2

  • Arlene Byers

    I like number 2. We love heroes!!

  • Amy Adams

    #2. Short and sweet, and in today’s vocabulary!

  • I vote for Number 3 because it specifies the era when I believe the woman in the picture was in the army. Defeating the Nazis is more important than bringing home the bacon which was Number 1. The picture has appeal to me because it is showing that women can do it too.

  • Barbara Guiliams

    Voting for#2

  • Maurice

    #5 The caption most closely relates to the subject and at the same time humanizes her personality.

  • Bob McGowan jr.

    # 2 please.

  • Barbara Keesey


  • Nannette Taylor

    #4 – Totally inclusive – totally true …

  • Martin Tewksbury


  • Carolyn Seitzler

    # 3 Women will do whatever is necessary to defend their home and familes.

  • Klara Smith

    #5. All work, no play makes Rosie a dull girl.

  • Becky Ragsdale

    Number TWO. Short and says it all!

  • Klara Smith


  • Nikki Manternach

    #3 Short and directly to the point. Perfect!

  • Sandra Buike

    #3, women were active “soldiers” in WWII on the front lines, at home raising children alone, keeping families fed, clothed, and working to in a variety of roles supporting the war effort. Women were the ‘behind the scenes’ strength of the war effort, America’s Women Power

  • averageanne

    # 1 Says it all

  • Lois D


  • Lois D

    I liked them all but my choice is #5

  • Alan Kubik

    Number 2 is the best!

  • Daryl Chesney


  • Doris Noeth

    I like #3

  • Jeanette


  • Irene Sabean


  • Warren Swader


  • Cherrill Grimes

    They were all good, but my favorite is 5.

  • Helen Palmquist

    Number 5

  • Marshall


  • L. Lampros

    It’s All In A Day’s Work
    Or #4 – that’s what the image is featuring

  • Kenneth Baldner

    NUMBER 4

  • Edward W. Skoglund


  • Manuel Joaquin

    nr 4

  • Richard Browning

    Number 5

  • Donald Sanborn III


  • Paul Schmolke

    Number 2

  • george casper


  • Joyce Wallace


  • Norma Harman



    NO QUESTION………….#2

  • John Walsh


  • Alice Bruns


  • Ethel Lowry


  • Elaine Edstrom

    #1 DEFINITELY!!!!!!!

  • Terry Mertens


  • Richard Burr

    #5. Shows the most originally

  • jonibee

    I vote for #3…riverton personality..

  • Mike P


  • Bob Pickett


  • Colette Sasina

    I vote for No. 2. They are all good.

  • Theda Dagen


  • Sister Jeanne Kenny


  • Mary Scott

    this is what life is all about….

  • Mary Scott

    follow me “The American Working Women”

  • gerald bolyard

    You can not have my bologna and cheese sandwich

  • John Rea

    Just doin my job…

  • John Rea

    I keep’m flyin…

  • John Rea

    “Me wearin makeup ain’t gonna win this war…”

  • Susan Welfare

    Rosie, the riveter, is still riveting away.

  • Jeanne Kenny

    UNITED we stand, defending this great land!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    One rivet at a time won the war and peace!

  • Louise

    Women with a attitude.

  • Leon Strone

    Rosie the Dynamo! Hitler will have to go!

  • Ed Mikulewicz

    Step on em Rosie.

  • Jeanne

    I am glad I am not the judge of this contest – 97% of all of the above are heartfelt captions – Thanks to all of the above for thinking deep in their brains and hearts so I could read them….

  • Sarah Bahr

    “I played the woman card.”

  • June Crawford

    Give me a break…I have a war to win.

  • Vangie

    When in a situation, “A Woman Gotta Do What A Woman Ought To Do”

  • William A. Leonard

    I am not just a pretty face

  • Nancy Piccirillo

    Rosie the Riveter! –This could be the start of something big!

  • Rudolph Abraham

    Buzz off. I am on my lunch break

  • “No you cannot use my riveter! It’s the weapon I’m using to help win the war!”

  • Louis DiSanto

    “Go on, Mr. Hitler, make my day!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • I done won the Beauty contest. Now, I’m gonna win the war!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    A real riveting experience…USA all the way!

  • What is this vegan biz you speak of? I’m just a tomato who loves her ham.

  • Maggie

    I’m kicking butt! How about you?

  • Claire

    “we’ll both hit our target”

  • Claire A. Whitney

    ” We’ll both hit our target”

  • Catherine Darling

    “I only have arms for U. — S.A.!”

  • Phyllis J Shelton

    Paved the Way to the ERA movement

  • Phyllis J Shelton

    PAVED THE WAY TO ERA movement

  • Marlene Walker


  • Nancy

    Anything he can do, I can do better!

  • james fuller

    my struggle…!

  • Louise

    Women can do anything, that is the American Dream.

  • Louis DiSanto

    “My arms are stronger than your swastikas!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Donna

    Sugar and spice and everything nice…and I rivet!

  • Foster Crawford


  • Donna

    I’m riveting — and I rivet!

  • Donna Shawver

    I’m riveting — AND riveting!

  • Donna Shawver

    Feeling strong — and important!

  • Fred Bailey

    No time to wash my hands, busy…

  • You think you can do a better job ? I DON’T THINK SO !!!!….just say”in

  • Dr.Don Stoltz

    FINALLY! Equal pay for a days work.

  • Alan Turnbull

    My names Rosie,………..Riveting is my game !!!!



  • Roger

    I don’t care how it was done yesterday!

  • Nikki Manternach

    Beats cooking and ironing!

  • Okay my E-mail is [email protected] as stated below. I’ve been receiving the Post off and on for a couple of years. Really enjoy the articles and pictures!

  • Catherine Darling

    “The New American Collossus”

  • Larry Good

    Making American Great

  • Michael Whittington

    If I can do this, I can do anything.

  • Sanford Levey

    America the beautiful!

  • James Levay

    I sit and stand up for America The Beautiful!

    James Levay
    133 Adela St.
    St.Augustine, FL 32086

  • Deanna Schrayer

    “Well, hey there little fella. You know, dogs aren’t allowed in here, but there was a time when women weren’t either. Want to share my sandwich?”

  • William A. Leonard

    I am not just a pretty face.

  • Chris

    “Don’t even think about it”

  • Sal Piccirillo

    Today Rosie the Riveter, tomorrow Madame President!

  • Paul Schmolke

    The true American Idol.

  • Hugh Elliott

    Women’s Lib – 1944

  • Arlene Byers

    Take That Mein Kampf, you’re toast!

  • Carole Gilbert

    Don’t bother me….I’m on my lunch break!!!

    Carole Gilbert
    Trenton, NJ

  • Colin Donnelly

    You think this is Your sandwich??? Go make your own.

  • Daryl Tammelin

    I”ll have to talk to my husband about these bologna sandwiches.

  • Louis DiSanto

    “Gender,shmender! We’re all fightin’ for the same cause!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Steve Davis

    Riveting …

  • Jack L. Williams

    “Yes, my name is Rosie. I’m the best #%@* Riveter in this shipyard.”

  • Elaine pemberton

    A girls gotta do , what a girls gotta do!

  • Sue Bennett

    ” Perpetual strength is my Main Purpose every moment of each day.”

    ” I believe focus on good purpose is a must every moment of the day.”

  • ken gurian

    so you want more pieces of flare then?

  • ken gurian

    Mein sandwich

  • Joan trenerry

    Come home soon, boys. Oh, we ladies have changed a little.

  • Rosie shares her sandwich with nobody except American soldiers!

  • Ray Brown

    “Never underestimate the enemy? HAH! NEVER ever underestimate the American woman.

  • Louis DiSanto

    “When it comes to protecting freedom, I’m ready to rock, rattle and rivet!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Arlene Byers

    I stand by MY country.

  • Kim Harvey

    “it’s alright boys. We got yer backs.”

  • …” Anything you can do. I can do better. ”
    “NO YOU CAN”T/
    YES I CAN/
    YES//////////////////// I CAN///////////////” ha ha

  • Catherine Darling

    “Stomp out the Nazis? It’s as easy as eating a ham sandwich!”

  • Antonio Ferreira

    While the men are at the Front I’ll keep building up the Back!

  • Martin Tewksbury

    “Of course I’m good at what I do! What else did you expect?”

    Catonsville, MD

  • Martin Tewksbury

    “Of course I’m good at what I do! What did you expect?”

  • Betty Duncan

    Showing off those muscles I’ve earned helping my country on my lunch hour!

  • Catherine Darling

    “I’ll help you hand the Axis a “riveting” loss, G.I. Joe !”

  • Thomas Tykodi

    Norman, you are a true artistic genius!

    Thomas Tykodi
    Pataskala, Ohio

  • Thomas Tykodi

    Is my pride showing?

    Thomas Tykodi
    Pataskala, Ohio

  • Audrey Jordan

    The Nazis were out (wo)manned

  • Audrey Jordan

    Glad she was on our side!

  • Ian Capen

    The Rise of the Western Woman had only just begun.

  • Ian Capen

    These arms, that made the arms, that saved Western Civilization, are armed now.

  • Gerald Lebowitz

    “Even though men see me as riveting, I’m still unattached.”

  • Gerald Lebowitz

    “They love me now, but what’s gonna happen when the war is over and the boys come home?”

  • Mary E. Moore

    So what do you think Donald Trump would have said?

  • Mary E. Moore

    So what do you think Donald Trump would have said when he saw this?

  • Nannette Taylor

    “And the Truth Lives On …”

  • Nancy Piccirillo

    That’s OK boys! Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you!

  • Gerald Lebowitz

    “My job is to put things together, but I myself am unattached.”

  • Gerald Lebowitz

    “They love me now, but will they want me when the war is over?”

  • Gerald Lebowitz

    “I’ve been told I have a riveting personality. Do I take that as a compliment or not?”

  • Scott Carlson

    We Can And We Will!

    Scott Carlson
    Ottumwa, IA

  • Marlene Walker

    A woman’s work is never done.

  • arnold aberman


  • Ed Mikulewicz

    Step on it Rosie!

  • Paul Rompel

    I can build ’em, but I can’t fly ’em?

  • Wendy Emery

    If I had as much Bologna in this sandwich as there is in this election, I could feed the free world!

  • Audrey A. Judge

    “It’s all in a days work”

  • Amy Adams

    Proud to be an American!

  • Jeannine Wyatt

    Excuse me…..Never! I said Never underestimate the American woman.

  • Bob Olson

    I’m Riveting!!!!

  • Louis DiSanto

    Have gun, will rivet.

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Rosie leads the way for USA!

  • George Roberts

    Doing our part in the fight

  • Nona woods

    Made in the USA

  • William Schraa

    Our Riveting Miss Rosie!

  • Louise

    Strong and brave that’s my game, Rosie the Riveter

  • Anne Marie Coleman

    Thrilled to serve my country

  • Anne Marie Coleman

    “Thrilled to serve my country”

  • Tom Patterson

    I’m not leaving the country, its another Rosie.

  • RUTH Morain

    I can handle anything.

  • RUTH Morain

    I can handle it.

  • Carl Fedde

    Anything he can do, I can do better!

  • Arlene Byers

    My Country!! My Attitude!!!

  • Richard Hand

    “Go easy on those eyes, big guy…I havn’t finished lunch!”

  • terry


  • terry


  • terry


  • Louis DiSanto

    Hold your rivets. I’m on break!

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Lowell Bergeron

    Out of the house, into the war.

  • Beatrice beisel


  • William Engle

    I work this riveting gun so our troops can out gun the axis.

    Bill Engle
    Ellicott City, MD

  • Sal Piccirillo

    Grease on my arm? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!

  • and so that you know,..I can do this and more, bring it on!!

    Kansas City, MO

  • Barbara J. Milkes

    My Sailor Boyfriemd Thinks I’m A Hunk!

  • Sal Piccirillo

    Grease on my arm? Frankly, I don’t give a damn!

  • Opal Knowles

    Bring it on – I’m ready!

  • Beth Lynn Clegg

    It’s no longer just a man’s world.

  • Cindy Earls

    Rosie is riveting!

    Cindy Earls
    Ada, OK

  • Donna Siart

    Emancipated from the drudgery of housework!

  • David F. Marshall

    Once we’ve taken care of Hitler, we can continue the real battle
    for equality.

  • Shawn Richards

    Man working hard? PSH!
    Shawn Richards
    Newark, DE

  • Louis DiSanto

    The war can wait five more minutes!

    Louis DiSanto
    St. Paul Minnesota

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Woman Power To The Rescue!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Let’s Go Girls!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Riveting: A Great Arsenal Of Democracy!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Helping America One Rivet At A Time!

  • Jeanne Kenny

    Answering America’s Patriotic Need!

  • Jacqueline Spresney


  • Sister Jean Kenny, S.P.

    Patriotic womanhood: a riveting experience!

  • Louis DiSanto

    The war can wait five more minutes.

  • Wanda Hanson

    Power Lunch

  • Elaine Edstrom

    Sorry–not sharing this! I used MY rationing stamps for this meat.

  • Elaine Edstrom

    She’s absolutely Riveting!

  • Elaine Edstrom

    Woman Power To The Max !

  • Bob Pickett

    Ham and cheese!

  • Jim Lee

    “Whether woman or man, they all had a plan, to keep America strong for as long as tyranny threatened the land.”

  • women will work and get dirty towe don’t just clean houses

  • W. Alonzo

    My girl, just like the girl that married dear old dad!

  • Kirk Rasmussen

    Yeah, I root for the Red Sox. Wanna make somethin of it, Yankee?

  • John Hamilton

    Pass the Grey Poupon, please.

  • Jon Peterson

    See boys, we can rivet as well as you can plus our rivets keep America strong and together.

  • Jack

    What true American doesn’t like a good ham sandwich.

  • Doc Hallada

    I’m sorry – I don’t go out with WELDERS !!

  • Bernadette Fegley

    Vets Love Rosie

  • Wayne Clark

    Well yes, I can cook too!

  • wendy lee klenetsky

    “You think you know better than ME what the best lunch is
    for a strong, working woman? THAT’S BALONEY!”



  • Susan Lee

    Strong,proud, and hungry with a rivieting spirit to boot! Go Rosie!

  • Sister Jean Kenny, S.P.

    Rosie the real Rolemodel: riveted and rocked for America!

  • Deborah Wensel

    Her Gun Will Save the Nation!!!

  • Deborah Wensel

    Her Gun Will Save the Nation!

  • Mary Steinhauser

    Even the strong need lunch.

  • Colette Sasina

    No way! Stay away! Food’s fuel for my day.
    One rivet at a time keeps the enemy at bay.
    I’m supporting our troops, the American way.

    Colette Sasina
    Summerfield, FL

  • Emerson Thrower

    Patriotic Jackhammer Jill,
    “Doing as she will!”

  • Roy Thornton

    Should I name her “Rosie Junior” or “Hillary”?

  • Amy Adams

    Even heroes have to have a lunch break!
    Amy Adams
    Torrington, Connecticut

  • Carol Carlson

    The American woman can work under heat.

  • david duck

    My riveting experience could be yours too/sign up now!!!


    “Never underestimate the enemy? Hah! NEVER EVER underestimate the American woman.”

  • Albert Jarw

    Taking a break before going back to the war effort.

  • Deneen Patton

    Eating my HERO sandwich

  • Mary Scott

    I am proud to be an American Gal…..

  • Pat Binder

    Anything you can do, I can do better. Just need a break to fuel.

  • clyve baade

    I’m proud of my part in keeping America Strong
    clyve baade

  • Linda Wade

    Tell me again I can’t.
    Linda Wade
    Salt Lake City, Utah