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5-Minute Fitness: Yoga to Flex and Firm

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Strengthen leg, core, and arm muscles: “This pose opens the side of the body and brings flexibility to the spine,” says New York City and Acacia.tv yoga instructor Kristin McGee.

Reverse Warrior

1 Stand with right foot one leg’s length ahead of left foot, with right foot pointing straight ahead and left foot pointing to 10 o’clock as shown.

2 Bend right knee until it’s directly above ankle. (Be sure knee doesn’t roll inward.)

3 Pressing firmly into both feet, engage abdominals and stretch right arm overhead. (Keep torso squarely between hips.)

4 Lean back toward left leg, sliding left hand down calf. Look up to right hand. Work up to holding pose for 5 breaths. Come to standing. Repeat, other side.

Reps: 1 rep daily.

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