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Top Nonfiction Reads for 2016

Published: August 15, 2016

Every month, the staff at Amazon.com sift through hundreds of new books searching for gems. Here’s what they chose especially for Post readers:

2016-so-pg22-american-heiressAmerican Heiress

by Jeffrey Toobin

Toobin does for Patty Hearst’s kidnapping and trial what he did for O.J. Simpson’s trial in the 1990s: sums it up, figures it out.

Publisher: Doubleday
Release date: August 2, 2016


by Nicholson Baker

The story of what the novelist and essayist learned as an on-call substitute school teacher.

Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Release date: September 6, 2016

2016-so-pg22-born-to-runBorn to Run

by Bruce Springsteen

The Boss tells us (finally) the story of his life as a musician, New Jerseyan, and rock ’n’ roll icon.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release date: September 27, 2016

2016-so-pg22-the-nine-of-usThe Nine of Us

by Jean Kennedy Smith

The last surviving child of Joe and Rose Kennedy offers an intimate and illuminating look at a time long ago when she and her siblings laughed and learned under one roof.

Publisher: Harper-Collins
Release date: October 25, 2016

2016-so-pg22-dark-mirrorDark Mirror

by Barton Gellman

The three-time Pulitzer Prize winner dives into Edward Snowden’s NSA trove in this inside look at the surveillance-industrial revolution and its discontents.

Publisher: Penguin Press
Release date: December 6, 2016

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