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Allied Farces: Cartoons from World War II

Published: November 9, 2016

The Saturday Evening Post chronicled the war effort over 70 years ago, and we published cartoonists who found the humor in wartime. We salute the soldiers of World War II in this collection of some of our favorite cartoons depicting life on the base, in combat, or on deck.

GIs in a kitchen

“A horse bit me one time, but I never thought I’d be driven to a reprisal.”


Ben Roth; March 28, 1942




“How would you like to be in that guy’s shoes? Facin’ DiMaggio, with the bases loaded!”


Fred Balk; July 11, 1942



Brandt; November 21, 1942



“I hope you’re not angry with me for taking you away from your friends.”


George Wolf; May 15, 1943



“Well, not exactly. But I HELP run it.”


Eric Peters; October 16, 1943





“And this is Junior learning to crawl!”


Harry Lampert; December 30, 1944



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