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World War II Women in Industry

Published: December 7, 2016

Women entered the workforce during World War II by filling in for unavailable soldiers in manufacturing, agriculture, government, and more. Popular icons like Rosie the Riveter symbolized the woman’s help in the war effort. We’ve assembled the best one-liners and most riveting cartoons featuring World War II women at work.



“I’m new here — which ones are wolves?”


May 1, 1943





Dan Brown; May 22, 1943




“And when you go forth into the world, be it as riveters, welders, or mechanics, keep ever bright before you the slogan of Sweet Lawn Seminary — ‘A lady first, a lady always!’”


Mary Gibson; June 5, 1943




“You’d get along much better with a 5/16 instead of a 3/8 — and are you sure it’s the distributor? If you’d try a new condenser and set your timer forward to pick up the fire lag —”


Dave Gerard; August 21, 1943




“So, I says to the boss —”


Linda Walter; November 20, 1943




“Better say something nice about the propellers — she makes ’em.”


Jon Cornin; May 13, 1944




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