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Labor and Housing Shortage Cartoons of WWII

Published: December 28, 2016

Unemployment sunk to record low levels during World War II with the abundance of war jobs. Accompanying the manufacturing spike was a shortage of housing in Washington D.C. and other cities around the country. Cartoonists depicted the hilarity of human nature in a time of shortage in these cartoons from World War II America.


“Here comes the Washington plane now.”


August 1, 1942




“Tell you what I’ll do, Miss Waters, if you’ll stay here instead of joining the Waacs, I’ll make you vice-president.”


May 22, 1943




“Doctor, there are some patients waiting.”


Charles Cartwright; June 12, 1943




“Do you suppose he would let us have her room?”


Ben Roth; June 26, 1943




“How do you do, how do you do — I’ve always wanted to meet a senator.”


Will Johnson; October 9, 1943




March 4, 1944




Jack Marmon; December 9, 1944



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