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Cartoons: Skiing Silliness

Published: January 19, 2017

Skiing can be elegant and athletic, but not in these cartoons! These schussing shenanigans will leave you in stitches.

A couple speaking to eachother on skis.

“Sometimes I think it’s more fun than skiing.”
Ed Nofziger
February 24, 1940


Boy scouts watching their troup master ski down a slope

“Don’t ask me! He’ll probably have a fancy Norwegian name for it.”
Roland Coe
December 08, 1945


Men watch a skier tumble down a slope

“I don’t see any soaring poetry of motion.”
Robert Day
December 21, 1940


A crowd watch a man tumble off a ski jump

“All of a sudden I lost my nerve!”
December 11, 1943


A skier dodges a tree while downhill

December 02, 1944


A troupmaster watching his scouts ski down a slope

Roland Coe
December 23, 1944


A skier passes by his instructor on a slope

“Elbows in a little closer, Mr. Fletcher.”
David Huffine
January 6, 1945

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  • Darlene Carmody

    They are so amusing and I really enjoy all the Post’s cartoons.