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Cartoons: Baby Blues

Published: January 26, 2017

Babies are always cute, but they’re not always easy! In these cartoons, people admit their doubts about the diaper-set.

Little kid talks to nurse

“I’ve come to see the guys who’s going around claiming to be my brother!”
By Henry Boltinoff
December 28, 1940

Parents apply medicine to baby

“How simple it sounds. ‘Two drops in each nostril.’”
By Ray Helle
December 25, 1948

Nurse holding a baby. Father looks on through window

“You can only take a peek at your father now. He’s still a little faint.”
By John M. Price
December 6, 1941

Father holds baby while talking to mother

“How soon does he start being a constant source of joy and amusement?”
By Rodney deSarro
December 4, 1943

Baby phones doctor while parents are knocked out on bed

“They just collapsed, doctor. I think it’s lack of sleep.”
December 2, 1944

Man hiding under carpet

“If you must know, we’re playing a game and the name of it is ‘Where’s baby?’”
December 30, 1944

Patients in hospital

“Just think—some day he might be vice-president!”
By Robert Hoyt
December 30, 1944

People run towards the door

“Last one out has to stay home with the baby!”
By George Reckas
December 1, 1945

A flustered mother holds baby

“It’s not that I don’t like him, dear. We just don’t seem to have any interests in common.”
By Mary Gibson
December 15, 1945

A nurse talks to a toddler with an iron maiden near by

“We know what happens to bad little boys who won’t eat their cereal, don’t we?”
By Charles Saxon
December 15, 1945

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  • #4 and 8 are my favorites; especially #8. My friends and I like being pet parents, however. As for #10, with the neurotic, offended-by-everything time we live in now, you might get e-mails/texts/tweets screaming “How could you??! I’m just soooo upset about that poor little boy right now! What kind of mother is she?! I’m gonna have my wife call the White House and report you, you just wait!! Agnes! Call President Trump–NOW!!”