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Advertisement Gallery: War Sells

Published: February 15, 2017

World War II was the most widespread and deadlist war in history, but it was also handy for selling soup! These 1942 ads used the conflict to sell everything from magnesium to motor oil.


International Harvester Company

“At Harvester factories in this country and Canada, men are looking forward and helping to strengthen Democracy for the job ahead.”



The General Tire & Rubber Co.

“It is tangible assurance to the user that his tires are delivering the kind of mileage that can help to conserve America’s stockpile of rubber.”



Campbell’s Tomato Soup

“Tomatoes for England! Tomatoes for our boys! Tomatoes for you!”



Dodge Trucks

“More than 75,000 Dodge trucks have been delivered to the American Army — and Dodge is continuing to build as many more as the Army requires.”



Allison Aircraft Engines

“America has in the Allison the finest aircraft engine in the world.”



Dot Snap Fasteners

“Onions, K. P duty, and that good old Army “slum” will probably always be the same. But the new Army gas mask is really new. Even The two Lift-the-Dot fasteners that hold it safe and instantly ready in its carrier have been streamlined and improved under Army engineering direction.”




“Be prepared with Pyroil! Ask your service man—today—to add a mere three ounces of Pyroil to the gasoline tank; twelve ounces to the crankcase. Then you’ll know why so many all-weather motorists all over the world say, I wouldn’t drive a mile without Pyroil!”



Dow Chemical Co.

“Magnesium, therefore, is of deep interest to every American who holds dear the national heritages of our past—the hopes of our future.”



Warren’s Printing Papers

“Among the many uncertainties of the future, one thing can be foreseen. After the boom is over, business will need friends who will buy goods.”



New England Mutual

“My ‘armament’ is all ready for action. What about you fellows back home?”

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