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An Interview with Mario Andretti

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Post editorial director Steve Slon interviews Mario Andretti about growing up in a World War II refugee camp, falling in love with racing, and drinking his first milkshake in America.



You should also check out our profile on Andretti in the Post‘s May/June issue, as well as a an article we did on the racer back in June 1967.

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  • DdJaseron

    The open wheel blood sport where so many friends and colleagues die or are maimed is hardy an American value. Formula one has much higher standards and racing on the cheap has had its consequences. Certainly America has been good to Sgr. but American Open wheel racing is dated.

  • Steven Slon’s interview with Andretti in the May/June issue and the Podcast are a fascinating look at a great Italian-American success story that really happened against all odds. He was destined to be the greatest race car driver ever, and became just that, despite some of life’s pot holes (and near fatalities) along the way.

    This 2017 POST feature is the perfect sequel to the June 1967 profile, which gives an excellent in-depth ‘day in the life’ look at Andretti during one of his peak racing years.