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Rockwell Video Minute: Father’s Day

Published: June 15, 2017

Norman Rockwell had a genius for painting scenes that balanced the ideal with the real. Nowhere was this more apparent than in his portrayal of fathers.

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  • Sam Sweeney

    The “Norman Rockwell” era, the age of innocence when we never locked our house nor knew where the key was — and never had anything stolen!

  • Kaytee Losche

    In the 1952, as a very young girl who with family moved from the farm to the big city of 3,800 I recall clearly how worried I was and how unconvinced I was that our Saturday Evening Post would never find our new address in the big city.How, I wondered. Would other people read the magazine before it reached us and bend the corners of a page. No words father gave me reassured me until it finally arrived, intact. My dad spent 1905 to 1934 in Chicago. He once asked me, when a might have been aged 13’ish and father often found me drawing pencil pictures of girls wearubg beautiful dresses like those in shop windows, if I would like to go to the Norman Rockwell Art School in Chicago. Of course is said “no”. I could not even imagine being so far away in such a big place. Saturday Night Post has remained my “must have” in life. My now middle aged children grew up with two of my favorite Rockwell’s on the walls of our home: The Doctor’s Visit” and the “Little boy in the Bathroom”. The S.E.P. I believe, is the only truly generation to generation enduring magazine. It is my fondest hope that it shall endure for generations to come.

  • Lynda True

    Brings back so many memories and warm feelings. Thank you for sharing.