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Rockwell Video Minute: The Fourth of July

Published: June 27, 2017

To celebrate the Independence Day, Norman Rockwell painted an iconic image of America, but with his own unique twist.

See all of the videos in our Rockwell Video Minute series at www.saturdayeveningpost.com/rockwell-video.

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  • My Dad always read the Saturday Evening Post and I looked at the pictures at age two. In 1932 at age 7 I started reading it and a year or so later I was also selling it door to door in Sedalia MO. I still read it today at age 92.

  • Mary Richardson

    I am a long time Rockwell fan with copies on my wall and 2 books re Rockwell. Growing up I enjoyed the Saturday Evening Post covers, and forgot but my brother received Boy Scout Magazine. Rockwell is one of a kind American GREAT.

  • charles post

    Fondly I recall the times of Rockwell history. Our USA society was truly a simple time and a much less demanding period. True, we died early from heart attacks and cancer but look at the price we are paying today for the modern miracles of technology.

  • Donna G Ward

    I am 75 years old…never knew my father…he died in a plane crash in the jungles of Africa in WWII when I was only six weeks old. My grandmother took care of me while my mother worked and there was no TV then but we looked forward to the Saturday Evening Post every week. I loved all the Rockwell covers then, have a collection of plates of some of them and this morning the man who had Devotions for my Sunday School Class used the “Four Freedoms” covers for the topic of his talk. He told the story of how those pictures became covers! Awesome.