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Cartoons: Reigning Cats and Dogs

Published: July 13, 2017

We may think of dogs and cats as pets, but they know who’s really in charge!



“He can’t sit up or heel, but he can turn on the television and open the refrigerator!” 
June 1, 2003 



“Good schools…nice neighborhoods…plenty of hydrants.” 
September 1, 2006 



“You really should thank me for shredding those. They were atrocious. Want me to do your skirt next?” 
September 1, 2012 



“I majored in obedience at school, but then never pursued it.” 
March 1, 2013 



“I tried to teach him to sit. He learned to recline.” 
May 1, 2011 



“…and stretch…and sleep…and stretch…and sleep…4 more ladies…” 
May 1, 2010 



July 1, 2003 

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  • All great cartoons from the 21st century. I love #3, especially the cat’s eyes drawn as a single line, and the expression on the lady’s face as to what the cat said in the caption!

    In #4 I love the caption, both dogs body language, the black eye glasses on the brown dog, and the name of the bar, ‘WAGS’.

    In #6 the orange and white pet is probably a health conscious male cat.

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