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Every Dog Has Its Day

Published: September 14, 2017

It’s National Hug Your Hound Day! Enjoy our cartoons about humorous hounds and their hapless humans.


“When she stops scratching your ears, that doesn’t mean she’s’ stopped loving you. It just means her hand is tired.”
Randy Glasbergen


“You give a new meaning to the term ‘housebroken.’”
Chris Wildt


“Can’t you mark your territory like other dogs?”


“That’s you, stupid!”
Frank Tabor


“Beware of paranoid dog.”




“I didn’t like it!”
Norm Rice


“You have just one more wish. Are you sure you want another belly rub?”

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  • Darlene Metz

    I love that you give me a week of smiles. Thank you.

  • These are all great, but the bottom two are my favorites. I’m waiting for one that might take the ‘CATS’ cartoon a step further by having a fancy canine couple like this walking people on leashes!

    There are some great Subaru ads on YouTube with dogs driving the car, stopping at the gas station for drinks, and all kinds of adventures while out and about in the car with their canine passengers.