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Rockwell Video Minute: Wanderlust

Published: October 18, 2017

Norman Rockwell often yearned to get away from work, a longing reflected in many covers, but none more so than the image of a hiker with his faithful dog.


See all of the videos in our Rockwell Video Minute series at www.saturdayeveningpost/rockwell-video.

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  • Lilah L. Shoman

    As a little girl staying with my grandparents during times in the summer I would find a pile of the POST in my bedroom. She would order and save them for winter reading in cold WI. Summers she and grandpa were busy on the five acres of berries she and grandpa Krenke raised on their berry farm in New London WI. Rockwell, Grandma Moses, and others were great artists telling stories through their art. I learned much about people, places, our country and GOOD STUFF.
    IT IS A MAGAZINE for all ages to read and learn from. Thank you for continuing to keep this publication going. At age 86 I still enjoy and read, and learn from. I pass them on to others.
    your magazine

  • Excellent story behind the cover video covering both the model for it, and Rockwell’s own story that played its part it in it. I love all of the POST covers featuring dogs, and their importance to the covers otherwise.

    His final cover of Gamal Abdul Nasser is both striking and unexpected. This all-American artist ended his cover run in a decidedly Egyptian manner. Isn’t the background incredible?

    I’d love to see a feature sometime on Rockwell’s work for LOOK magazine if that’s possible. Their last issue was dated October 19, 1971 by coincidence to today.

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