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Cover Collection: The Big Cats — Lions, Leopards, and Tigers

Published: November 10, 2017


Circus Leopards
Paul Bransom
January 5, 1907



Roaring Lion
Charles Bull
April 1, 1916



Panther and Leopard
Charles Bull
November 18, 1916



Tiger Head
Paul Bransom
September 18, 1926



Mountain Lion 
August Schombrug
September 25, 1937



Lion Pair
Paul Bransom
April 27, 1929



Jack Murray
August 29, 1931



Lion Couple
Lynn Bogue Hunt
March 19, 1932



Snarling Tiger
Emmett Watson
April 19, 1941

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  • These are all really unique, beautiful covers of non-domesticated cats. The panther and leopard in #3 is a great action illustration. There’s another great Post cover in 1932 of a panther looking up at a green butterfly featuring his tail that almost looks like it’s moving.

    Seeing them all lit up like this is a real treat. I want to see how many are on art.com too! I actually have the Mountain Lion issue from 1937 that still looks new. It has the address label, but it’s very small and up at the top.

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