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Logophile Language Puzzlers: Stolen Tunes and Dirty Spoons

In Issue:

1. Diane’s music being too loud was a ____ offense compared to the fact that she was playing it on a stolen stereo.

a. venal
b. venial
c. vernal

2. When I told him he wouldn’t be allowed to go to the party until the dishes were clean, Donovan, in a state of torpor,

a. washed them all in record time.
b. just sat there like a lump.
c. argued that it was Jenny’s turn to wash the dishes.

3. Take a breather before you tackle this toughie: Can you name a common six-letter English word that starts and ends with the same vowel and has no other vowels in between?


  1. b; 2) b; 3) asthma

—Andy Hollandbeck is the Post’s copy editor and managing editor.

This Logophile is featured in the January/February 2018 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Subscribe to the magazine for more art, inspiring stories, fiction, humor, and features from our archives.

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