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Cover Collection: Rockwell or Not?

Published: January 31, 2018

Many of the covers of The Saturday Evening Post were painted by Norman Rockwell—322 in all—but not all of our covers were Rockwells! Can you tell which of these covers are Norman Rockwell originals and which aren’t? We’ve removed the artists’ signatures to make it more challenging. You can see the answers here.


Santa peeking into a window

Santa Behind Window
December 27, 1919
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Man tripping on skis

Wipeout on Skis
March 3, 1928
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Old hunter and his dog

Hunter and Spaniel
November 3, 1928
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A grocer and his customer weighing bread

Tipping the Scales
October 3, 1936
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Man fishing

April 29, 1939
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Trucker waving to a woman driving by his truck

Two Flirts
July 26, 1941
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A newstand during a snow storm

Newsstand in the Snow
December 20, 1941
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The statue of liberty

Working on the Statue of Liberty
July 6, 1946
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  • Maria L.Rydstedt

    Delightful memories!