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    Lighter Side

    Presidents' Day

    What started as a memorial to George Washington and Abe Lincoln is now a tribute to all presidents

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  • Life Without Limits


    Life Without Limits

    A plausible future history, in which computers are smarter than people, most diseases have been eliminated, and a normal lifespan is 150 years

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  • The Moon Man Down the Street

    In The Magazine

    The Moon Man Down the Street

    In 2015, we interviewed astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who passed away on February 4, 2016, a day before the 45th anniversary of his moon landing. Here, Mitchell shares his concerns about our planet’s future.

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  • I squinted suspiciously at him and said, “So now all of a sudden you’re my dog, is that it?” (Tithi Luadthong/Shutterstock)

    Contemporary Fiction

    A Short Ride to Mercy

    Fifth runner-up in the 2016 Great American Fiction Contest: Sam didn’t become his dog until Marlene left. The older they got, the more they depended on each other — now more than ever.

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  • Ray Goulding and Bob Elliott razz other shows with props like the paper plate with newsprint ("so you can get the news while you eat"). (Photo by Larry Fried)


    Remembering Bob Elliott (1923-2016)

    From the archive: Our hilarious 1954 profile of comedians Bob and Ray

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Post Week in Review

News of the Week: Bob Elliott, Amazon’s Bookstore Plans, and Why I Used the Oxford Comma in This Headline

Great comedic duos, Super Bowl party recipes, how to use the Oxford comma, and more in this week’s roundup.

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Dry dying sunflower

Letting Go

It’s time to help dying patients and their families get through this most difficult part of life’s journey with the least amount of suffering.... More