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Bret McCormick Bret McCormick is a native Texan. Since 1981 he has written for comic book publication, the motion picture industry, a recurring column in a Dallas singles magazine and short fiction venues. Laughter is an essential part of his daily regimen. If his writing makes you laugh, then he’s accomplished his goal. If it makes you think, well, that’s just a bonus. He recently completed his second novel.

Posts by Bret McCormick:

Man and Woman Sharing a Laugh at the Office
Only Balonely

Dan loves his routine. But when the new office clerk Barbara begins to notice him, he realizes he just might be ready for some change. More

Mentioning Mentia
Mentioning Mentia

In this short satire, Dr. Phil Gudenov discusses causes and cures for Mentia, a pervasive disease that's affecting Americans, with radio host Katie Brigand. More