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David A. Andelman David A. Andelman is editor and publisher of World Policy Journal, and author of A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today and, with Count Alexandre de Marenches, of The Fourth World War: Diplomacy and Espionage in the Age of Terrorism.

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5 people with speech bubbles above their heads
Whither Free Speech

The right of personal expression is the spine, perhaps the entire skeleton, of democracy. Is this fundamental American freedom under attack? More

From the archive: J.C Leyendecker's 1942 New Year's Baby reflected the anxiety felt by the American public as we dropped our isolationist stance and prepared for war.
A New American Isolationism?

For the vast mass of the American people, getting out of military entanglements is now the expectation rather than some vague hope. More