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Diana Denny Diana Denny received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from long enough ago to qualify as a historical document itself. She has spent many hours in what is a playground for history buffs, The Saturday Evening Post archives.

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Cartoons: Not All There

The light is on, but nobody’s home. The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. Some folks, bless ‘em, just aren’t quite More

Cartoons: One of Those Days

Mama said there’d be days like this. You overslept, forgot your wallet, and are having a lousy hair day. Actually, compared to these Post ‘toons, More

Cartoons: Nice Try

Watch for those who would pull the wool over your eyes; or hoodwink, buffalo, bamboozle and hornswoggle you. They’re everywhere. More

Classic Covers: The Theater

The actors, the audience … the excitement! We have covers showing all aspects of the theater—including a couple of rarely seen Rockwells.  More

Cartoons: Vahan Shirvanian

The long chicken-scratching at the bottom of these cartoons actually spells “Shirvanian,” and here is why he makes us laugh.  More

Classic Covers: Firefighters

As long as there has been fire, there have been firefighters. We salute them with classic covers from artists like Rockwell, Dohanos, and Falter. More

"Hardly and of them have trouble reading that chart." from January 17, 1942
Cartoons: World War II

It was a time of draft boards, air raid sirens, and rationing. More cartoons from the wartime pages of the Post. More

Classic Covers: Election

It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows. Perhaps it does, but over the years, it has also made for great Post covers!  More

Cartoons: Campaign Comedy

First it was the Republican Convention. Then the Democratic Convention. My fellow Americans, it is time for a Cartoon Convention! More

Yakima River Cattle Roundup by John Clymer May 10, 1958
Art: Till the Cows Come Home

A bevy of bovine beauties, from the humorous to the picturesque, appeared on our covers. Who knew cows were so popular with illustrators?  More

Cartoons: Back to School

Teachers and principals may not appreciate zingers, but our Post cartoonists sure do. It’s back-to-school time.  More

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