About: Django Mathijsen

Django Mathijsen Dutchman Django Mathijsen (djangomathijsen.nl) is the only author who’s won the Unleash Award, the Dutch SF-story award with the highest purse, three times. Mathijsen worked as a jazz-organist while graduating at Eindhoven University of Technology. He was technical consultant on the TV programs Robot Wars and Techno Games. As a science journalist, he’s written hundreds of articles for English and Dutch magazines. He now concentrates on composing music and writing fiction. He’s published Dutch novels and children’s books, some coauthored by Anaïd Haen. And he’s won numerous Dutch awards for stories which have appeared in Dutch and English magazines.

Posts by Django Mathijsen:

A Nice Piece of Tenderloin

A police officer questions the rights of a street musician working to support his family. New flash fiction by Django Mathijsen. More