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Entrepreneur Juliana Lutzi tapped into her passion to empower women by creating products that boost self-image and confidence. Photo courtesy Juliana Lutzi
The Midlife Career Change

More and more Americans are switching jobs to pursue lifelong passions, better their economic future, or simply to find their true calling.  More

Cast of NBC's Parenthood (photo courtesy NBC).
The New American Super-Family

Thanks in large part to the economy, a record number of adult children are moving back home. So are their grandparents. And, guess what? It’s More

A Good Walk

Hiking along a country trail is a wonderful way to tune up your mind, body, and spirit. More

Enterprising Endurance

American small businesses have survived changing economic tides with ingenuity, craftsmanship, and old-fashioned common sense. Here's the story of how some are thriving despite challenging More