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Ed Dwyer has written for Los Angeles Magazine, Variety, and AARP the Magazine, among other national publications.

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Krazy Kat getting hit in the head by a brick
The Funny Papers

Newspapers may be in trouble, but the comic strip is alive and well — and flourishing online. More

People Performing "the wave" at Baseball Game
Don’t Make Waves

Our resident curmudgeon explains why he's giving up the ballpark and enjoying this baseball season in the comfort of his own home. More

A pair of jeans that are torn at the knees.
Let’s Play Dress-Up

Has the casual ethic gone too far? When did it become acceptable to attend milestone events and special occasions dressed as if you were headed More

Social Networking Illustration
With Friends Like These …

Our beloved curmudgeon asks, "Why do so many people want to connect on Facebook, only to have no interest in actually communicating?"  More

Hand writing Christmas cards
Lost Claus?

What happened to the tradition of sending out Christmas cards? More

A tornado sweeps across an open field in the US. Source: Shutterstock.com
America’s Weather Obsession

Talk of rain, wind, clouds—even sunshine—dominates the news today, even though we are insulated from all but the most extreme weather. What’s behind the fascination More