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Ellen Michaud is the author of Blessed: Living a Grateful Life (2011) and blogs at theblessedblog.com.

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Snow-covered village
A Blessed Christmas

Celebrating the sights, sounds, smells, and joys of the holiday season in small-town America.  More

The Blessing of Music
The Blessing of Music

Watch this joyful community as they pour into church, grab scores of Handel's Messiah, and celebrate the blessing of music. More

Build a Better Family Reunion

The summer get-together can be a magical experience—if you can make it through alive. Here’s how to reap the benefits of connection while avoiding the More

Therapy Dogs and Healing

In hospitals and research centers across the country, man’s best friend is showing a stunning ability to heal our bodies and soothe our souls. More

Stamp Acts

For millions, stamps inspire a lifelong passion, sometimes with unexpected benefits. When 8-year-old Amanda Morgenstern visited her great-grandmother, she discovered a hobby that inspires the More

No Place Like It

Our homes reflect our priorities, our values, and our histories—they are all on display through the places where we choose to live. Meet some amazing More