About: Heather Ray

As the former editor of a healthy living magazine, Heather has also worked in the field of mental health and spent spare time pursuing nutrition and science courses at the local college.

Posts by Heather Ray:

Go Green Salsa!

Celebrate Earth and think outside the borders with this verdant, flavorful creation. More

Passover Dessert: Meringue Tarts

Beyond elegant, the simplicity of these cloud-like confections and their make-ahead elements makes them perfect for entertaining during the Passover holidays, or any time of More

Crochet for Kids

Why you should teach your kids to crochet. Plus, a free pattern you can make for them.  More

Snacks under 100 Calories

The resolution solution: Sticking to your New Year's plan is tastier than you think. Check out these easy, low-cal snack ideas. More

Obama’s Rockwell

Is there an artist in the house? Illustrations from America’s most beloved magazine hang proudly in the Oval Office.  More

Family Secret Recipes

These old family recipes of stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, and penne alla vodka will warm your winter.  More

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