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Joseph Scales is a staff art historian and contributing writer at The Saturday Evening Post. He recently graduated from Vanderbilt University where he completed a double major in English Literature and Art History. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys using his voice as a professional voice actor and comedic celebrity impressionist. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, he lives in the city with his Jack Russell terrier, Ruthie.

Posts by Joseph Scales:

"Late Night Snack" by John LaGatta. March 22,1941. © SEPS 2014
Beyond the Canvas: Late Night Snack

John LaGatta's illustrative style blended the glamor, extravagance, and sensual atmosphere of 1920s haute couture with realistic scenes of American life.... More

Young boy and girl on a date at a soda shop
Beyond the Canvas: Date Night Deflated

Much like Norman Rockwell, Frances Tipton Hunter painted innocent boys and girls living idealized American childhoods–save for this cute little couple, who find themselves on... More

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