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Jeff Bertolucci is a technology writer based in Los Angeles.

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Man holding a cracked mobile phone
The DIY Smartphone Fix

Weak battery? Cracked screen? There are a lot of repairs you can do yourself, but read this before you turn the first screw More

A movie playing on a tablet PC
Stream On

How to get the most out of Netlifx, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus. More

Clever You!

7 tips for phone, tablet, or e-reader that most people don't know about. More

An illustrated crowd of people holding up mobile devices.
What’s the Big Deal?

When it comes to smartphones, should you buck trends and keep a smaller phone? The answer depends. Analyzing the size explosion in smartphones. More

tech gifts hanging as ornaments
Top-Rated Holiday Gifts

Nine gadgets for the techie that's close to your heart. Note to the frugal: Plenty of choices for less than $50! More

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