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Jeff Bertolucci is a technology writer based in Los Angeles.

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Man holding a cracked mobile phone
The DIY Smartphone Fix

Weak battery? Cracked screen? There are a lot of repairs you can do yourself, but read this before you turn the first screw More

A movie playing on a tablet PC
Stream On

How to get the most out of Netlifx, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus. More

Clever You!

7 tips for phone, tablet, or e-reader that most people don't know about. More

tech gifts hanging as ornaments
Top-Rated Holiday Gifts

Nine gadgets for the techie that's close to your heart. Note to the frugal: Plenty of choices for less than $50! More

Size Matters

Sure, a small tablet is easy to carry. But if you’re looking for a slate that can substitute for—or replace—a conventional laptop, consider going large. More

Insidious Power Drains

You can switch to high-efficiency light bulbs, but that’s only half the battle. Americans spend a huge chunk of our energy bill on tech gear More

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