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An illustrated crowd of people holding up mobile devices.
What’s the Big Deal?

When it comes to smartphones, should you buck trends and keep a smaller phone? The answer depends. Analyzing the size explosion in smartphones.... More

tech gifts hanging as ornaments
Top-Rated Holiday Gifts

Nine gadgets for the techie that's close to your heart. Note to the frugal: Plenty of choices for less than $50!... More

Size Matters

Sure, a small tablet is easy to carry. But if you’re looking for a slate that can substitute for—or replace—a conventional laptop, consider going large.... More

Insidious Power Drains

You can switch to high-efficiency light bulbs, but that’s only half the battle. Americans spend a huge chunk of our energy bill on tech gear... More

iPad Mini
Top 4 Tiny Tablets

Want portability and convenience? One of the new breed of mini tablets might be just what you need.... More

Plant growing out of iPad.
Grow 2.0

Exercise your green thumb with new gardening apps. Put them to work to improve your gardening know-how and get consistently better results.... More

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