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Jeff Nilsson Jeff Nilsson is the director of Post archives. He is a specialist in American history, with graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, University of New Mexico, and Eastern Michigan University. He writes weekly features for the website. Contact Jeff at [email protected]

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Georgia state assembly
Backwoods Politicking in Georgia

How did a dictatorial, segregationist, Georgia Democrat who opposed FDR’s New Deal in the middle of the Great Depression manage to capture and maintain the More

T. Keith Glennan
Our First Steps to the Stars

In 1959, the first administrator of a fledgling space program called NASA explained to America how the agency planned to land a man on More

Lillian Russell
America Gets Weight Conscious

Excess fat was once regarded as a sign of beauty, maturity, prosperity, and protection against wasting disease like tuberculosis. But in the new century, values More

The Fate of Child Prodigies

People once believed that child prodigies grew up to be addle-brained, socially awkward weaklings who failed at life, but ground-breaking studies in the 1940s and More

Bad Manners on the Line

People staring at their smartphones during dinner or inconsiderately yakking away in public may be modern annoyances — but it’s only part of a long More

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