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Jeff Nilsson Jeff Nilsson is the director of Post archives. He is a specialist in American history, with graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, University of New Mexico, and Eastern Michigan University. He writes weekly features for the website. Contact Jeff at [email protected]

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The Great War: November 21, 1914

A German defends his country’s invasion of Belgium and a Canadian woman faces the scorn and pity of her neighbors after saving her husband from More

How to Be Neutral

A Post journalist wishes America could follow the Swiss model, but it probably never would have worked. More

The Great War: October 31, 1914

The Post publishes its first piece of World War I fiction, a war reporter experiences in Belgium, and a U.S. senator predicts an economic boom. More

Sullivan, Indiana in 1939
Everyday Life in 1939

European war dominated national front-page headlines in 1939. But on the local front, a vanishing murderer, duck hunting season, and menacing grass fires trumped war-torn More

two Parisian women in furs and hats, winter 1914 fashion
The Great War: October 24, 1914

A former prime minister pleads his country’s case, a journalist shares his POW story, and American fashionistas cope with Parisian withdrawal. More

Burning Belgian farmhouse
The Great War: October 10, 1914

A forgotten American humorist returns to turmoil in Belgium, the war finds an unofficial theme song, and a doctor’s optimistic prediction of death is proved More

Student Peace Strike at the University of California at Berkeley
A Bad Choice for Spokesman

Milton Mayer, whose outspoken editorials would spur contention for the Post, was one of many students who believed the U.S. should stay out of Europe. More

Belgian refugees from Ostend
The Great War: October 3, 1914

A Post war correspondent gets swept up with Belgian refugees fleeing the advancing German army, Americans become desperate to get home, and tragedy jars the More

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