About: Karen Heuler

Karen Heuler Karen Heuler’s stories appear in literary, fantasy, and science-fiction magazines regularly. She has published four novels and two collections, with a third collection forthcoming from Aqueduct Press this October. Her second short-story collection, The Inner City, was chosen as one of the best books of 2013 by Publishers Weekly, and her new collection is about women confronting aliens on earth, in dreams, and in the stars. She lives in New York, the city where anything can happen.

Posts by Karen Heuler:

Female Hands joined together
Goodness, in All Its Forms

Hoping to improve the world in her own way, Sarah joins the Altruism Project only to find herself in a philosophical dilemma concerning personal motivation More

The Lovely Kisselthwist

In this unusual love story by Karen Heuler, two inspectors encounter the mysterious Kisselthwist, neither an insect nor a spider, and unknowingly bring the bug More