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Lawrence Grobel (lawrencegrobel.com) is a journalist and the author of 21 books, including two novels, a memoir, The Hustons, six conversations with books (Truman Capote, Marlon Brando, James A. Michener, Al Pacino, Robert Evans, and Ava Gardner), and The Art of the Interview.

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X-ray scan of a hip; a replacement joint is highlighted.
A New Hip

There are 330,000 hip replacement surgeries in the U.S. each year, and the majority of people who undergo this operation sing its praises after a More

Portrait of Lisa Kudrow by Jody Hewgill
Lisa Kudrow

The versatile comedian—and former science nerd—Lisa Kudrow talks school bullies, reality TV, and life after Friends. (Illustration by Jody Hewgill.) More