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Philip Gulley is author of A Place Called Hope.

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A sad emoji traced on a snow-covered car window
Why March Is the Worst

Not much good can be said about a month that is cold and gloomy, with mud, gray skies, rain down the neck, slush over the More

man with Chain Saw
Bad Wrap

People gripe about all the troubles in our country, but no one points out that it’s nearly impossible to open the things we buy.  More

Kids boarding a school bus
Back to School

There is a grimness to education these days, with legislators daily checking its pulse, scanning for tumors, and examining its entrails  More

A Bride and Groom
Marriage Season

How did June get to be the wedding month when February would clearly be superior? More

Easter Eggs

Recalling the joys and perils of the hunt — back when it really was a hunt. More

George Washington and Abe Lincoln
Presidents’ Day

What started as a memorial to George Washington and Abe Lincoln is now a tribute to all presidents. More

Two Men Armwrestling
Grandpa Wars

You have to expect the fierce rivalry over a tot's affections to heat up at Christmastime. More

Children dancing around maypole in schoolyard
Maypole Memories

Once upon a time, it was the centerpiece of May Day, a holiday sadly no longer recognized  More

Illustration of luggage and canoe piled on top of station wagon
Gimme a Break!

Humorist Philip Gulley covers the disturbing evolution of what used to be a simple spring holiday. More

Dog wearing a hat on its birthday
It’s My Birthday!

If you've no idea what to get humorist Philip Gulley for his upcoming birthday, don't panic. We've published his wish list in the Post. More

jack-o'-lantern on table with lantern
Taking Back Halloween

Isn’t this holiday supposed to be for kids? Somehow, in our lifetime, parents have taken over and pretty much spoiled everything More

vintage alarm clock
Fiddling With Time

In the March/April issue, humorist Phil Gulley writes: "Daylight savings is a fine thing, but how about adding more hours to the day?" More

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