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Sarah Rose Sarah Rose is a writer living in New York. She thinks that’s the greatest sentence she ever wrote. Since she’s already made it there, she’s trying to be a travel and food writer everywhere else. She wrote For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History (Viking, buy it please?) and is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal. She’s a serious and important writer, extremely beautiful, single, has a smile that embarrasses the lights in Times Square, and is now The Saturday Evening Post’s dating columnist.

Posts by Sarah Rose:

Dating Canceled

The Dating Project has come to a close … In her final column, Sarah considers stepping away from mathematical logic and into the realm of More

Piano Man, at Play

Though she’s lost her voice to laryngitis, Sarah agrees to a second date with the Piano Man. More

Help Wanted

After being visited by a yacht-yielding wizard, Sarah Rose puts out a call for the perfect first mate. More

The Piano Man

This week’s Dating Project: A date in a storied hotel bar, full of gilt, charm, and old New York glamour …  More

The Cryobank

This week Sarah goes online window-shopping for a “baby daddy to go.” More

The Beachcomber

A stranger buys Sarah a drink at her favorite bar. But will she accept his irreverent advances? More

The Family

Some of Sarah’s biggest fans weigh in on why she’s still single. More

The Inbox

Sarah reveals the scandalous and strange emails she’s received from online suitors. More

The Actor

Sarah’s date reminds her why she gave up on finance guys — and on weddings. More


After two bottles of wine, Sarah discovers the dating axiom. More

Happy Days

Sarah meets a TV producer who doesn’t quite fit his online dating profile description. More

The Angel

Will Sarah put politics aside for a guy who meets so many of her dating criteria? More


Award-winning journalist Sarah Rose returns to field questions and comments from Dating Project fans. More

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