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Sarah Rose Sarah Rose is a writer living in New York. She thinks that’s the greatest sentence she ever wrote. Since she’s already made it there, she’s trying to be a travel and food writer everywhere else. She wrote For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History (Viking, buy it please?) and is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal. She’s a serious and important writer, extremely beautiful, single, has a smile that embarrasses the lights in Times Square, and is now The Saturday Evening Post’s dating columnist.

Posts by Sarah Rose:

Two whole fish on ice with lime and sage
The Fishman

After a chance meeting at an alumni event, Sarah agrees to have dinner with a fellow Harvard grad. After all, a blind alumni date at More

Heart shaped price tag with dollar signs
The Groucho Pyramid

When Sarah considers joining a few exclusive New York match-making services, she finds that you actually can put a price tag on love.  More

Close-up of two foamy beer mugs
The Juggler, Part 1

Sarah Rose swoons for a dork of the highest order, a math enthusiast and aspiring sci-fi writer whom she calls "The Juggler." More

Young, wealthy businessman talking on his cellphone and walking
The Corporate Raider

Sarah seeks out a matchmaker to help her with the dating project and winds up on a date with a Wall Streeter more interested in More

Mr. Adequate

Sarah's date was a bullseye in all the right areas–cute, successful, Jewish–but she soon realized he was also just ... average. More

Buzz Lightyear

Sarah knew this date wasn't going to end well the minute he turned his nose up at her favorite book. More


A hot date at a swanky hotel bar turns sour when Sarah realizes her dinner companion is a bit ... well ... paranoid. More

The Mountain Man

This week, blogger Sarah Rose describes a chance romantic encounter with a man she met on a hiking trail. More

The Diplomat

A six-month long e-mail romance becomes reality when Sarah's politically-affiliated e-crush suddenly shows up in New York City. More

The Rock Star

Dating a rock star is not always the glamorous experience one might expect, as Sarah found out during a brief entanglement with a rather peculiar More

The Foreigner

Hand holding in a cafe 10 minutes into a first date seems forward, but when Sarah decides to let her date get a bit too More

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