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A boy asks his father a question.
September 7, 2014

Some of the most successful men in history have gone bankrupt once or twice… so don’t be afraid to buy me everything I want.”... More

A television repairman talks to a couple in their living room.
September 3, 2014

“I think I’ve found the problem…it’s not a TV, it’s a microwave oven.”... More

September 1, 2014

“I already diagnosed myself on the Internet. I either have three left kidneys, recurring pubert, or Dutch Elm disease.”... More

Two men in suits walk down a street.
August 30, 2014

“I used to have low self-esteem, but hanging around with losers like you has cured me.”... More

A doctor speaks to his patient. The patient's face is drawn in a bizarre fashion.
August 26, 2014

“You were having a bad hair day and it spread to your face. Fortunately, we caught it before it went any further.”... More

A woman is watching television in her living room.
August 25, 2014

“Warning: The following program contains scenes featuring Milton Berle.”... More

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