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Hollywood and Gangsters

In our Sep/Oct 2012 issue, Lewis Beale reveals why we love our movie gangsters. Read more about famous Hollywood stars portraying the real-life mobsters, then More

Mae Clark and James Cagney in Public Enemy
How I Got This Way

An exclusive look into the acting method behind James Cagney's legendary bad-guy roles, as told by the actor in 1956. More

Jerry Giesler with Bugsy Siegel
I Defend a Mobster

A celebrated Hollywood lawyer discloses how he sprang Bugsy Siegel from a murder charge in 1959. More

Out of My Past

In 1957, Hollywood's mysterious tough guy, George Raft, reveals the truth to the Post about his life as a young gangster. More

Illustration by SHOUT
Jonathan Haidt

Bill Moyers interviews Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. Haidt’s article “America’s Painful Divide” was More

Norman Rockwell's September 12, 1944 Post cover entitled "Travel Experience."

In this unsigned editorial from 1959, the author has a modest proposal for improving the financial health of America’s transit systems. More

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