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Wendy Braun Wendy Braun is the Post medical editor. She often reminds herself that Living Well requires tending to one’s spirit, as well as one’s body.

Posts by Wendy Braun:

6 Health and Safety Tips for Kids

Family conversations after holiday meals often turn to our kids and how to keep them healthy and safe in today’s world. New advice from leading... More

New & Effective Psoriasis Drug

A new drug treats psoriasis in a novel way. At the close of a busy afternoon at his dermatology practice, Dr. Lebwohl, who was involved... More

Promising Treatment for Leg Pain

Doctors routinely insert metal tubes, or stents, in heart arteries to restore blood flow, preventing heart damage and saving lives. Now, an advanced version of... More

New Hand Therapy

A unanimous decision by an FDA advisory committee on September 16, 2009, paves the way for full approval of a novel and noninvasive treatment to... More

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