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Wendy Braun Wendy Braun is the Post medical editor. She often reminds herself that Living Well requires tending to one’s spirit, as well as one’s body.

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Keep the Beat

Today’s electronic devices for the heart are like “having an emergency room in your chest,” says cardiology consultant Dr. Douglas P. Zipes. Devices such as More

Step Up to Living Well

Seems we have some work to do when it comes to protecting arguably our most valuable asset—good health. But it’s never too late. And the More

Spot On: Skin Exams Save Lives

If caught early, 99 percent of the one million cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year are curable. The American Academy of Dermatology is urging More

Saving Sight

An affordable diagnostic camera could help save the vision of millions of people with diabetes. More

What Should I Read Next?

After an unusually busy month, I’m looking forward to starting a new book. Any suggestions? My recent reads for pleasure include Life of the Beloved, More

Happy Holy Days!
Happy Holy Days!

Walking down a grocery store aisle filled with bags and boxes of Easter goodies, I overheard a teenager say to her older companion, “What is More

Diabetes: Foot Care

A new bathroom scale with illuminated mirrors may help people with diabetes rise to the challenge of managing the disease and avoiding its big time More

Wine May Protect the GI Tract
Wine May Protect the GI Tract

No one is suggesting that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is good for one’s health. But a new study suggests that a daily glass of More

Check Out These Links
Check Out These Links

Ever been deferred as a blood donor because of a low blood count? An online tutorial helps explain why, and what to do about it. More

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