About: Zach Manges

Zach Manges is an editorial assistant at The Saturday Evening Post and a graduate student in creative writing at Butler University. His duties include reading for the annual Great American Fiction contest, writing copy, and editing the much better copy, but his job is primarily whatever lands on his desk that day.

Posts by Zach Manges:

Olympic Covers

Sprint, scull, and soar your way to Olympic history with these classic Post covers commemorating Games of yesteryear.  More

Olympic rings cast a shadow on the US Flag
Scandal and the Olympics

Controversy was in the air back in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, much like it is today, with questions of national unity and political allegiances overshadowing More

On the Green

Whether you tee off with millions watching or just practice putting into an orange juice tumbler, these golf covers consecrate the bond of anyone who’s More

Bathing Beauties

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Just Beachy

Whether romping in the dunes or savoring the salty air under parasol shade, a day beneath the beachside sun is an essential summer holiday no More

Summer Fun

It’s the season of empty classrooms, sleepy afternoons, and mercury rising up the meter. These covers offer a glance at the happy-go-lucky methods of sun-baked More