Parents’ Choice Awards Recognize Children’s Magazines

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Indianapolis (February 14, 2013) – Renowned children’s magazines Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill have each won a 2013 Parents’ Choice Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. The Foundation, established in 1978 as the nation’s major nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys, celebrates these magazines for their timelessness and commitment to innovation. Below, Parents’ Choice reviewers report the educational benefits of the magazines.

Turtle (ages 3-5): “The artwork that supports the stories and crafts is simple and helpful when trying to re-create the crafts.”
“Our preschooler thoroughly enjoyed being able to get a pen and circle pictures, write numbers and see other children like her as part of the magazine content.”

Humpty Dumpty (ages 5-7): “Children loved the recipes in every issue, and parents were happy to let them create the beautiful and healthful snacks. In addition to a recipe in each issue, there is a creative activity with instructions on making an artistic project. Our reviewer enjoyed the engaging ‘Look Closer’ feature on the inside front page, which encourages kids to spot things that are different between two illustrations.”
“…there is a nice blend of longer stories, poems, short informational blurbs, and graphic stories. The length of the longer stories is just right for the youngest age group. The magazine presents a nice array so that most kids in this age range will find something they enjoy, from a fictional story, amazing fact, blurb about nature, activity or ‘do this now’ activity. ‘The Buzz’ (a section for parents and teachers) is a nice way to engage adults in creating learning activities outside of the magazine, a unique feature in children’s magazine. It offers suggestions such as ways to encourage the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, or simple ways to build ‘Money Smarts’.”

Jack and Jill (ages 7-12): “There are several aspects of the magazine we enjoyed very much, including the blend of content (from photos and animal facts, to fiction), and the repeated invitations to be creatively active, such as submitting content for each issue, and creating projects around the house. By focusing on engaging content, the magazine is effortlessly educational. Our tester’s 8-year-old was immediately drawn into the 2-page spread about Samurai and Ninjas, and instantly shared facts with us he learned as well as Japanese terms relating to that historic period.”
“There is an emphasis on healthy living throughout, including recipes and suggestions for physical activity. The magazine assumes that children can achieve an overall active lifestyle, and that they do not simply need a fun ‘activity’ to try occasionally.”
“…even younger children enjoyed the publication enough that they wanted to keep reading it. They were drawn in by features including the beautiful photo on each ending page of animals, including the fun facts about each animal. The many puzzles throughout Jack and Jill appealed, too, inspiring readers to revisit issues after they’ve been perused once.”

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About our magazines: Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill are published by the nonprofit Saturday Evening Post Society based in Indianapolis. U.S. Kids magazines encourage children to strive for excellence and are designed to promote creativity, personal fitness, and academics among children in a format that is entertaining and engaging.