January/February 2012

In this issue’s cover story, science writer Sharon Begley tackles a weighty topic: Why are extra pounds so easy to gain and so difficult to lose for good? She addresses the frustration many feel after attempting “sure-fire” methods of shedding weight only to fail time and time again. “You may see the unending quest for weight loss differently,” Begley writes,” as evidence that shedding pounds and keeping them off seems to be harder than growing a third arm.”


Lose Weight for Good!

Lose Weight for Good!

By: Sharon Begley

Diets work. The hard part is sticking to them. And researchers have finally figured out that what happens inside your brain is as important as what happens inside your digestive system. ... More


The Pursuit of Happiness

By: Todd Pitock

New studies reveal that satisfaction surges after the age of 50. ... More

Ursula Andress and Sean Connery in Dr. No.

James Bond Turns 50

By: Lewis Beale

Half a century ago, James Bond captured the zeitgeist of his time. Today, audiences are still fascinated with the dashing, unflappable secret agent. ... More


All You Need Is Love

By: Jack Feerick

When tragedy strikes close to home, everyday folks like you and me step up to offer support. The inspirational story of American grass-roots charity. ... More

Ellen Degeneres, Seriously...I'm Just Kidding

Letter to Mall Security

By: Ellen DeGeneres

In a hilarious excerpt from her best-selling Seriously … I’m Kidding, Ellen DeGeneres details a routine shopping trip gone amuck. ... More

Glorious Desert

By: Edward Readicker-Henderson

A visit to Joshua Tree National Park inspires first fear then wonder. But to really take it all in, you need to be patient. ... More


The Little Miller Attack

By: Elizabeth McKenzie

Living in a small town, you can never really escape your past—a gripping new story from an emerging literary voice. ... More


Lighter Side

If I Ruled the World
If I Ruled the World

By: Philip Gulley

Fast fixes for life’s annoying problems, from the ravages of winter to the horrors of household clutter. ... More


Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien
Smart Swaps!

By: Post Editors

How to drop 100 calories a day. ... More

Trends & Opinions

Social Security Card
Social Security

By: Frederick E. Allen

You’ve heard the rumors. Here are the facts. ... More


No Shortcuts to Debt Relief

By: Russell Wild, MBA

A vast industry of dubious “debt fixers” has sprung up to take advantage of individuals swamped in a sea of red ink. ... More


Life in the Cloud

By: Jeff Bertolucci

With Google about to launch Drive as an alternative to Dropbox and iCloud, we look at cloud computing and investigate whether it’s a safe way to store files. ... More

People & Places

Marina Marchese
Queen Bee

By: Julie A. Evans

How one woman—frustrated with the 9-5—funneled her creative instincts into a passion for beekeeping. ... More


Mom's Sauce
Sunday Gravy

By: Dan Freedman

This classic Italian-American dish is the perfect antidote for a chill winter’s day. ... More

Trends & Opinions

Outsourcing U.S. Military Might

By: Jim Lacey

By moving substantial portions of American heavy industry off shore, have we undermined national security? A leading defense expert looks at threats to our military readiness. ... More

Norman Rockwell

Ouija Does It

By: Robert Berridge

In 1919, Norman Rockwell found inspiration at his wife’s alma mater. ... More