January/February 2015 cover illustration by Shout

In this issue: Discover how voluntarism defines our nation’s character in the January/February 2015 cover story “The American Volunteer Spirit” by sociologist Claude S. Fischer. Then meet our 2015 Great American Fiction Contest winner, N. West Moss and read her award-winning story “Omeer’s Mangoes.” Score big on game day with Emeril Lagasse’s tips on how to host a party Super Bowl party and how to prepare his favorite chili recipe for your guests; find Kathy Ireland’s secrets to success; get the most out of your Social Security; and so much more!

Cover illustration by Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout).

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Boy Receiving Oral Polio Vaccine

The War on Polio

By: Todd Pitock

The global campaign is on the brink of polio eradication. Can the lessons learned help us tackle Ebola?  More

People on rooftop placing stars on tree in winter

American Volunteer Spirit

By: Claude S. Fischer

As a nation we celebrate individualism, but we’re always ready to pitch in for a good cause.  More

Doctor with hands cuffed in a U.S. dollar sign

Doctors and Dollars

By: Sandeep Jauhar, MD

How rising commercialism in American medicine may be undermining your health  More

Neuschwanstein Castle

Bavaria for Lovers

By: Margie Goldsmith

Congrats to Margie Goldsmith for her recent award (Silver, North American Travel Journalists Association) for this stunning report on Germany’s Romantic Road.  More

Illustration of a Book in an E-book

Adventures in the Kindle Trade

By: Lawrence Grobel

An old-school writer of, you know, printed books, tries his hand at the digital kind  More

Hands holding E-reader with Hatchette vs. Amazon on It

A War on Writers?

By: Steven Slon

When Amazon decided to slash prices on e-books, one large publisher said no. In the subsequent skirmish, writers got caught in the middle.  More

2015 Great American Fiction Contest Winner: “Omeer’s Mangoes”

By: N. West Moss

An extraordinary man struggles to maintain his dignity in a cynical world.  More

N. West Moss

Meet the 2015 Great American Fiction Contest Prize Winners

By: Post Editors

The Saturday Evening Post salutes these fine writers and the more than 200 others who entered our 2015 contest.  More


The Argument

Woman Lying on Couch
No Woman Retires Elegantly

By: Mary Hogan

We are all Helen Gurley Brown, minus the money  More

American Pop

People gathered at Sunday Assembly
And Now, Let Us Stray

By: Cable Neuhaus

Church without God? The new Sunday Assembly movement offers spirituality and community for nonbelievers  More

Celebrity Profile

Kathy Ireland
3 Questions for Kathy Ireland

By: Jeanne Wolf

How the former swimsuit model launched a global design firm.  More

Contrarian View

Social Networking Illustration
With Friends Like These …

By: Ed Dwyer

Our beloved curmudgeon asks, “Why do so many people want to connect on Facebook, only to have no interest in actually communicating?”  More


Emeril's Chuck Wagon Chili
Chili: America’s Super Bowl

By: Patrick Perry

Score big points on game day with Emeril Lagasse’s favorite chili recipe  More


Illustration of Man with Hammer Chasing Piggy Bank
Get the Best of Social Security

By: Steven G. Blum

Wait for it! A simple plan to keep you safe and comfortable in your oldest years.  More


Woman Using Tablet on a Train
5 Secret Uses for Tablets

By: Jeff Bertolucci

How your versatile tablet can go beyond Web browsing, Facebooking, and binge-watching Netflix.  More


Girl Praying
A Prayer for the New Year

By: Billy Graham

A timeless message of hope, gratitude, and courage from one of America’s most beloved spiritual leaders  More

Rockwell Files

People of many nationalities
Something Serious

By: Patrick Perry

Deviating from lighthearted fare for a change, Norman Rockwell interprets the Golden Rule.  More

Editor's Letter

A Nation of Joiners

By: Steven Slon

Numerous observers, going back to Alexis de Tocqueville, have described Americans as rugged individualists. But that’s a false impression, argues sociologist Claude S. Fischer in the Jan/Feb 2015 cover story …  More